HTV Instructions

Heat Transfer Vinyl Instructions

1.Mirror/Reverse your image design

2.Place vinyl gloss side down onto cutting mat

3.Adjust proper blade speed and cutting pressure (see table below) For best results use the custom settings on your machine to adjust to the correct pressure

4.Weed away the excess vinyl by carefully pulling from the plastic backing. 

5.Put the t-shirt/fabric on a clean and dry, flat and heat proof surface, and make sure the design is the right way round

6.Place teflon or a sheet of baking parchment on top to protect the material

7.Set a heat press machine at the recommended temperature, depending on the type of vinyl (see table below. If using an iron, make sure the steam is switched off

9.Disperse the iron's heat evenly. Be sure to consistently apply pressure so the complete image is fully attached and prevent scorching the paper and cracking the image

10.Wait for the vinyl to COOL and gently peel off the backing after a few minutes

11.Wait 24 hours after application to wash, no bleach