Mixed Tack Mats (Pack of 3)
Mixed Tack Mats (Pack of 3)
Mixed Tack Mats (Pack of 3)
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Mixed Tack Mats (Pack of 3)

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The 12″ x 12″ square grid TeckwrapCraft cutting mat is perfect for crafters, art enthusiasts, students and hobbyists. It facilitates smooth cutting and shaping of vinyl, iron-on (printable, glitter and flock), printer paper, fabric, adhesive foil, pattern paper, craft foam, craft paper, handmade paper, pearl paper, embossed cardstock, and printable sticker paper.

Made with high-quality material, it gives a durable long-lasting performance making it easy to use a cutter/plotter. The grid on the mat makes it convenient to measure the size you need and ensures the accuracy.

It prevents slipping by providing a smooth, sticky surface for keeping materials in place while the blade cuts the design of your choice. It is ideal for thinner materials that need more support due to the risk of tearing while cutting.

The adhesiveness can be preserved by covering the mat with the wax sheet provided. This will also keep hair, dust, and debris from developing and reducing tack.


This Pack Contains

1 x Standard Tack Mat

1 x Light Tack Mat

1 x Strong Tack Mat